Name Change of WWE RAW Star Now Officially Confirmed

A recent report indicates that a WWE Raw star has gone through a minor name adjustment within the company’s internal roster.

Bronson Reed, known as ‘Big’ Bronson Reed on WWE TV due to Vince McMahon’s preference for alliterative nicknames, has now been officially listed as ‘Big’ Bronson Reed on the company’s internal roster, indicating that this is now his official full ring name.

This follows a trend of WWE adopting official nicknames for its talent, such as ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio and ‘The Ring General’ Gunther, with Vince McMahon being the driving force behind these changes.

While some names like ‘Hellions from Hades’ Judgment Day and ‘Spirited’ Sami Zayn have been incorporated into match graphics and commentary, others have primarily appeared in commentary, embracing the use of alliteration. This trend has been ongoing since the July 17 Raw episode.

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