NOAH: “N-1 Victory 2023” Night 3 Full Results

Night 3 and we are back and still at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. The night saw Jake Lee continue to put up the points with another win, this time over Adam Brooks via FBS. Lance Anoa’i suffered his first defeat of the tournament so far as he fell to Saxon Huxley by getting hit with the Neck Hanging Bomb. Also, Kastuhiko Nakajima finally gets on the board by defeating GHC National Champion El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Jr via Vertical Spike.

The main event of the night was Kenoh defeating Yoshiki Inamura in a little over 28 minutes which many consider match of the tournament so far and maybe even a MOTY contender. Kenoh got the win via submission with a Modified Crossface getting his first 2 points and leaving Inamura still on 0 points after 3 matches.

Find the full results of Night 3 and updated standings below:

N-1 Victory Night 3 Full Results:

  • A Block: Kenoh defeated Yoshiki Inamura
  • B Block: Katushiko Nakajima defeated El Hijo Del Dr Wagner jr
  • GHC Jr Tag Next Challenger Tournament 1st Round: Atsushi Kotoge & HI69 defeated AMAKUSA and Junta Miyawaki
  • A Block: Jake Lee defeated Adam Brooks
  • B Block: Saxon Huxley defeated Lance Anoa’i
  • A Block: Kitamiya defeated Jack Morris
  • B Block: Yuma Anzai defeated Manabu Soya
  • A Block: Yuki Yoshioka defeated Timothy Thatcher

Here’s a look at the N-1 standings after Night 3:

A Block:

Jake Lee (3-0): 6 Points
Yuki Yoshioka (2-1): 4 Points
Masa Kitamiya (2-1): 4 Points
Jack Morris (1-1): 2 Points
Kenoh (1-1): 2 Points
Adam Brooks (1-2): 2 Points
Timothy Thatcher (1-2): 2 Points
Yoshiki Inamura (0-3): 0 Points

B Block:

Go Shiozaki (2-0): 4 Points
Saxon Huxley (2-1): 4 Points
Lance Anoa’i (2-1): 4 Points
Daiki Inaba (1-1): 2 Points
Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr (1-2): 2 Points
Manabu Soya (1-2): 2 Points
Katsuhiko Nakajima (1-2): 2 Points
Yuma Anzai (1-2): 2 Points

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