WWE’s Plan Unveiled for Women’s Tag Team Championship After Sonya Deville’s Injury

Insights Emerge Regarding WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Plans

A glimpse into the future of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, which is presently held by Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville, appears to have surfaced. The revelation follows Sonya Deville’s recent announcement about her unfortunate torn ACL injury on July 28, which is anticipated to keep her on the sidelines for a duration ranging from six months to a year.

While WWE has yet to unveil any concrete plans for the championship in light of Deville’s absence, it’s important to note that both she and Green retain their official status as champions at this time. Dave Meltzer reported in the current Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he’s caught wind of a potential tournament being considered to determine new champions. However, no additional particulars have been disclosed at this stage.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship has earned distinction as a unique title within the WWE landscape, a status solidified through its merger with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship in June 2023. As the path forward unfolds, the championship picture remains intriguing, with fans and enthusiasts eagerly awaiting official announcements and developments that will shape the future of thes titles.

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