Matt Hardy Comments On Brock Lesnar Possibly Joining AEW One Day

Matt Hardy shares his perspective on the possibility of Brock Lesnar joining AEW. While Lesnar has been known for his intermittent appearances in WWE, frequently taking extended breaks and then reemerging for significant live events, he has demonstrated a level of loyalty to WWE since his return in 2012. However, Matt Hardy has now provided insights into the conditions that might lead to “The Beast” making a move to AEW.

“I would say — the gimmick that The Butcher and The Blade put on TV, they say that they’re hitmen and guys who go out, whoever is willing to pay the biggest bucks, they’ll go work for that guy and take out the competition. That’s what Brock is. Brock knows his value, he knows his worth, so I guess Tony Khan would have to shell out the big bucks. I would guess that Brock feels a bit of an allegiance to Vince, I feel like he feels faithful to Vince because he feel like Vince has taken pretty good care of him. I could see him being a WWE lifer, but if Tony was going to somehow procure Brock, he would just have to shell out the big bucks,” said Hardy on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast.

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