CM Punk Apologies To Hangman Page After AEW Collision Promo

CM Punk Extends an Olive Branch to Hangman Adam Page Following Fiery Promo at AEW Collision

In the aftermath of the intense promo that unfolded during AEW Collision on August 12, CM Punk appears to have extended a conciliatory gesture to Hangman Adam Page.

Footage shared subsequent to the episode depicted Punk branding Page as “a peg warmer,” contrasting himself as someone who not only drives merchandise sales and boosts ratings but also propels toy sales.

However, in a subsequent development, it was reported that CM Punk expressed regret over the way his comments were received, as they did not convey his intended sentiment. Adding to this insight, Bryan Alvarez elaborated on the dynamics between Punk and Page following the provocative promo during a segment on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Alvarez revealed that a text message exchange had taken place between the two wrestlers, a fact that was corroborated by both parties. This gesture suggests an attempt to reconcile and potentially mend any perceived rift arising from the said promo.

“What I can say is he did in fact send a text message to Hangman Page apologizing for the promo on Saturday.

“That is from both sides, that did happen, he did apologize to him via text message.”

Photo Credit: AEW

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