CM Punk & Jack Perry Have Backstage Altercation Over Dangerous Glass Spot

In an episode of AEW Collision during the Canada tapings, another incident involving CM Punk and an AEW talent unfolded. Jungle Boy Jack Perry was brought face-to-face with Punk for a conversation centered around certain creative plans that Perry was reportedly advocating for.

Sources close to Punk reveal that Perry was pushing to incorporate real glass into a backstage segment. According to Punk’s perspective, he interpreted this move as Perry trying to avoid working the following week, which Punk viewed as a significant concern within the company.

Punk’s account further explains that Perry’s decision to go against production, medical advice, and Tony Schiavone’s guidance raised alarms. Perry’s choice to use real glass was deemed a safety hazard, prompting a response from Punk. Shortly after the incident, new guidelines were established and shared with talent to ensure proper clearance for similar situations.

Punk reportedly stepped in and calmly conveyed that such actions were not aligned with AEW Collision’s practices, indicating that they don’t implement such stunts on Saturdays. He also offered Perry the choice to stay with the Wednesday schedule if he disagreed. The situation became known within the locker room, characterized as an argument. Punk’s assertion was that Perry’s frustration stemmed from the spot not being approved and various individuals trying to avert it.

While efforts were made to reach out to Jack Perry, a response was not received. The details of how the situation concluded remain undisclosed, but a number of individuals corroborate Punk’s account to some extent, supporting his stance on the matter.

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