Major Update On Why AEW Are Allowing CM Punk To Ban Talent From Collision

CM Punk’s Extensive Influence Evident at AEW

CM Punk’s influence within All Elite Wrestling seems to be far-reaching, with reports suggesting that the 44-year-old wrestler wields significant power, even to the extent of blocking certain talents from AEW Collision tapings. This power has extended to figures like AEW Manager of Talent Relations, Christopher Daniels, and Ryan Nemeth.

Insider accounts also hint that Punk might have played a role in the exclusion of talents such as Hangman Page, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy from AEW Collision. Regarding Christopher Daniels, his reported removal from Collision traces back to his involvement in a backstage altercation during All Out 2022. Furthermore, due to Ace Steel’s restriction from being on the road with AEW, CM Punk’s expressed preference is to exclude The Fallen Angel from Collision.

Punk’s issues with Ryan Nemeth reportedly originate from a tweet posted by Nemeth immediately after Punk’s return promo on June 17.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW has granted Punk the authority to block talents from Collision, deeming him “indispensable or close to indispensable” for the success of the event. This elevated status solidifies Punk’s impact on AEW’s operations and decision-making processes.

“They are doing everything they can to keep him happy because when you are a draw in this business and they feel that he is indispensable or close to indispensable because they allow him to do this and they are trying to launch this show on Saturday and the feeling is, obviously, that having him is more important than having a situation where the head of talent relations can go to a show. They feel that it is more important to keep CM Punk happy because of the attempt to launch on Saturday. That’s not unusual in this business,”

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