REPORT: AEW Locker Room Has Now Grown Frustrated With CM Punk Following More Drama

Tensions Mount Between CM Punk, The Elite, and Frustrate AEW Talent

Recent conflicts within All Elite Wrestling, involving CM Punk and The Elite, have reportedly caused frustration among the talent caught in the middle, as outlined by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

Meltzer commented, “The whole thing is a mess. I know people that are not affiliated with either side who are just very, very frustrated that this thing just continues to happen and, you know, two weeks before the biggest show that the company is ever gonna do that this comes up. It’s the same thing from literally a year and a half ago and nothing has changed because nobody has changed. It’s the same old, same old,” as he shared on Wrestling Observer Radio.

The latest dispute involving CM Punk emerged after the two-time AEW World Champion directed criticisms at Hangman Page following the August 12 episode of AEW Collision. Reports indicate that Punk subsequently issued an apology to Hangman Page, clarifying that his intention was to make a jest that unfortunately misfired.

On another front, it has surfaced that Punk purportedly blocked Christopher Daniels and Ryan Nemeth from AEW Collision. Within the locker room, a belief is prevalent that Punk also played a role in blocking talents like Hangman Page, Matt Hardy, and Isiah Kassidy from participating in Collision tapings. However, it’s noted that Punk wasn’t involved in the decision to relocate Page’s pre-tape promo to another venue.

Adding to the complexity, Punk confronted Ryan Nemeth during the June 21 episode of Dynamite, confronting him over his “softest man alive” tweet. Subsequently, Nemeth’s appearance on the August 12 edition of Collision ended abruptly, as he was sent home for allegedly not acknowledging Punk and his group.

As the tensions and conflicts escalate, they seem to be casting a shadow over the AEW landscape and stirring turmoil within the wrestling community.

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