WWE Are Continuing With Their Plan To Split Up Imperium

WWE Raw (August 14) Unveils Developments in Imperium’s Faction Dissolution

During the latest WWE Raw episode, significant developments unfolded regarding the potential disbandment of the Imperium faction. A series of events began to shed light on this situation.

The sequence kicked off with an entrance by Imperium, specifically for Gunther, who took to the commentary desk to address his upcoming challenger for the Intercontinental Championship, Chad Gable.

The feud between Imperium and Alpha Academy remained active, as Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine made their entrance. This set the stage for an exchange between Ludwig Kaiser and Maxxine. Kaiser continued to criticize Maxxine’s affiliation with Alpha Academy, suggesting that her association should align with Imperium’s European elegance. Kaiser’s point that they would bring “A+ aesthetics” was a noteworthy observation.

Nevertheless, Maxxine responded by slapping Kaiser once again, leading to an initial match between Giovanni Vinci and Chad Gable. Following Vinci’s loss, another confrontation arose as Gunther challenged Otis to a match, which Gunther emerged victorious from. However, Ludwig appeared visibly distracted by Maxxine’s presence at ringside.

In a later backstage segment, Imperium members engaged in bickering, prompting Gunther to express his frustration. Gunther questioned Vinci about his role and responsibilities, also directing his criticism toward Kaiser for failing to fulfill his duties.

As Kaiser offered his apology and vowed to rectify the situation, Gunther asserted his intention to discuss this matter with Adam Pearce. The show later confirmed the development, as next week’s WWE Raw will feature an official match between Chad Gable and Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship, marking a pivotal step in the unfolding Imperium faction dissolution.

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