Baron Corbin to Clash with Von Wagner, Tiffany Stratton Segment Included in NXT Heatwave Lineup

NXT Heatwave 2023 Grows with Additional Segments

The excitement for NXT Heatwave 2023 continues to escalate as more captivating segments have been confirmed for the event. One highly anticipated appearance is that of Tiffany Stratton, who will make her return to address the fervent NXT Universe. Following her triumph over Thea Hail in a Submission Match at NXT Great American Bash, Stratton has been absent from in-ring competition. Notably, in a prior conversation with McKenzie Mitchell, she confidently expressed her lack of concern about her upcoming adversary.

On August 22, Tiffany Stratton’s return promises to elevate the event’s intensity to new heights.

Adding to the show’s dynamic lineup is a match featuring Baron Corbin versus Von Wagner. The stakes are high as Wagner has vowed to drive the former WWE United States Champion through a table. Wagner’s intervention during Corbin’s impassioned speech against the locker room, where he referred to them as a group of “bitches,” showcased his determination to ascend back to the main event spotlight.

Von Wagner has secured a table reservation for a solo performance, yet Baron Corbin is set on using Wagner as a stepping stone in his own trajectory. This impending showdown between Corbin and Wagner adds another layer of intrigue to the already action-packed NXT Heatwave 2023.

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