Dabba-Kato Makes Triumphant Return to WWE NXT

Dabba-Kato, formerly known as Babatunde, has made a resounding comeback to WWE NXT. An intriguing vignette aired during the August 15 episode of WWE NXT, heralding the imminent return of Dabba-Kato. The powerhouse wrestler had been absent from TV screens since June 13, following his loss to Axiom & SCRYPTS in a Handicap Match.

The eagerly awaited return of Dabba-Kato was promptly realized later in the same show. During a singles match between Tyler Bate and Joe Coffey, Dabba-Kato unexpectedly stormed the ring, disrupting the bout. In his ferocious attack, he targeted both competitors, leading to the match being declared a no contest. While Joe Coffey managed to escape, Dabba-Kato unleashed a chokeslam on Tyler Bate, leaving a lasting impact. The scene culminated with Dabba-Kato towering over the former NXT United Kingdom Champion.

It’s noteworthy that Dabba-Kato’s recent victories have been elusive, with his last win dating back to May 23, when he secured a victory over Axiom in singles competition. As he reenters the NXT arena, fans are eager to witness how he reshapes the landscape of WWE NXT with his undeniable presence.

Photo Credit: WWE

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