Chris Jericho’s Decision and Will Ospreay’s AEW Return Unfold

The interaction between Callis and Chris Jericho burst into action as Jericho promptly revealed his decision to join The Don Callis Family. Callis initially appeared taken aback but swiftly celebrated the outcome, eager to leave the ring and celebrate over drinks with Jericho.

Before exiting the scene, Jericho insisted on uncovering a concealed painting within the ring. Covered by a black tarp, the painting piqued Jericho’s curiosity. Although Callis seemed hesitant, Jericho unveiled the artwork, revealing an image portraying Callis holding Jericho’s severed head.

Callis remarked that he anticipated Jericho’s refusal to join his family, citing Jericho’s historically self-centered nature. In a sudden turn of events, Konosuke Takeshita entered the ring, shortly followed by the return of Will Ospreay. The duo unleashed an assault on Jericho, culminating in Callis striking him with the painting.

Sammy Guevara promptly rushed to Jericho’s aid, dispelling the trio of Callis, Ospreay, and Takeshita from the scene.

Photo Credit: AEW

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