Billie Starkz Calls Out The Renegades (Charlette & Robyn Renegade) for a Match Against Her & Athena on August 24th in ROH

Billie Starkz Forms Unlikely Connection with Athena Amidst Tensions
Unforeseen camaraderie has blossomed between Billie Starkz and Athena, though a complex dynamic exists between the two. While Billie Starkz finds solace in her friendship with Athena, the latter seems to view Starkz as a potential follower or accomplice.

During the August 17 episode of Ring of Honor, Billie Starkz and Athena found themselves frequently crossing paths with Charlette & Robyn Renegade. In a dramatic turn of events, the Renegades targeted Athena after her bout against Brittany J. Billy Starkz intervened, coming to the aid of the reigning Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion.

As the night progressed, Billie Starkz triumphed over Charlette Renegade in an intense match. However, the Renegades wasted no time launching an assault on Starkz immediately after the bout, prompting Athena to join forces with the aspiring young talent in a surprising alliance.

Subsequently, Starkz and Athena were interviewed by Lexy Nair. Athena’s perspective on their partnership is that of a master and minion relationship, while Billie Starkz shifted the focus towards challenging The Renegades to a match slated for August 24. The intricate interplay between these individuals adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing saga.

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