Dustin Rhodes Claims Fans Who Believe The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Match Is The Worst Match Ever Are Full Of Sh1T

Dustin Rhodes Addresses Criticisms Over AEW Dynamite Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tie-In
Recent remarks regarding the AEW Dynamite Texas Chainsaw Massacre tie-in have caught the attention of Dustin Rhodes, who has chosen to respond to claims labeling it as the “worst match ever.” The match served as a tie-in for an upcoming video game and garnered substantial sponsorship support, amassing over $100,000 for AEW. Tony Khan later confirmed the admirable decision to channel these funds towards the Maui Foodbank.

The highly intense death match featured Jeff Jarrett emerging victorious over Jeff Hardy, and it even showcased the surprise appearance of Leatherface, unmasked as Dean Alexander.

As opinions about the match continue to be divided, Dustin Rhodes has entered the conversation to share his perspective on the matter. Taking to Twitter to address the notion of it being the “worst match ever,” Rhodes expressed his thoughts by stating:

“I thought the Texas Chainsaw match was entertaining as fuck. People saying it was the worst match ever are full of shit. I have that honor. Remember me in the back of a moving 18 wheeler with a cage around? King of the road got no love and in honesty, we did great and it was entertaining. Is that now what we do. Fucking lighten Francis.”

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