Lacey Evans, aka Macey Estrella, Set to Launch Sunny Summers Café on August 21st

Former Lacey Evans Embarks on New Venture with Sunny Summer Cafe
Lacey Evans, also known as Macey Estrella, is venturing into a new chapter of her life by launching the Sunny Summer Cafe in Beaufort, SC. Set to open its doors on Monday, August 21, the cafe embodies Evans’ commitment to making a positive impact beyond the wrestling arena.

Explaining her decision, Estrella mentioned,“I thought I could be of more assistance fighting a different fight than in the WWE ring,” said Estrella to Your Island News about the decision. “I want to focus on helping my community to fight against addiction and fight on the mental health side to normalize mental health issues.”She expressed her intention to shift her focus towards assisting her community in combating addiction and addressing mental health concerns with a goal to destigmatize these issues.

The cafe’s name, Sunny Summer, holds sentimental significance as it draws inspiration from Estrella’s two daughters, Summer and Sunny.

Anticipating the cafe’s launch, Estrella envisions creating a welcoming space for community organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). She plans to extend her support by providing them with complimentary coffee and donuts, along with a conducive meeting environment. Additionally, she aims to offer seminars and classes tailored for women and military spouses, focusing on vital skills necessary for employment and personal growth.

With her WWE contract concluding at midnight on August 15, Evans intends to commemorate her wrestling career through her cafe, showcasing her journey in a unique way.

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