Eric Bischoff Blames Tony Khan For Introducing A Cancerous CM Punk Into AEW

Eric Bischoff has once more criticized AEW President Tony Khan, this instance concerning his management of the CM Punk matter.

During a recent episode of his “Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff” podcast, the Hall of Famer acknowledged AEW’s approach of not relying on a single star, yet he strongly scrutinized Punk’s involvement.

“WWE is comprised and is represented by all of these Superstars but it’s the brand that people are buying into not any one person,” argued Bischoff. “And, again, that’s one of the reasons why I am supportive and will continue to be supportive of AEW, for not relying on any one piece of talent. I no longer think that’s the way to do business.”

“CM Punk is a draw — I don’t like him, I think he’s unprofessional, I think he’s highly overrated, and I don’t think he’s worth nearly the amount of money or the compromises that Tony Khan is making along the way. I think that Tony will realize that at some point in time. I said this before, as soon as CM Punk came back, this is making a bad situation worse. You’re bringing cancer into your company and you’re not managing it,”

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