PHOTO: Jey Uso Has Been Spotted For The First Time Since He Quit WWE

WWE’s Jey Uso has emerged in a photograph for the first time since his “exit” from the company on August 11. In the picture, he stands alongside a fellow wrestler and a fellow member of the Anoa’i family.

Although Jey is expected to make a return to WWE TV at some point to continue the Bloodline storyline, for the moment, he has been relocated to WWE’s alumni page on

Interestingly, this situation has extended beyond the company’s boundaries. IMPACT Knockouts Champion Trinity Fatu, formerly known as Naomi in WWE and the real-life spouse of Jey’s twin brother Jimmy Uso, appeared to have edited both Jey and Solo Sikoa out of a recent family gathering photo.

Since his departure from SmackDown, Jey has remained largely unseen. Therefore, it was quite eye-catching when MLW’s Juicy Finau posted an image of Jey Uso alongside Jacon Fatu.

Despite his role as a perceived antagonist within WWE’s Bloodline narrative, Jey seems to have retained close connections with family members and friends outside of the company. In the image, he proudly holds up a t-shirt in support of Juicy Finau and Jacob Fatu’s team known as the South Pacific Savages.

Feel free to view the post below for further details.

Photo Credit: WWE

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