Seth Rollins Reveals Presence of Two Lumbar Spine Fractures During August 21 WWE Raw, Possibly Requires Surgery

Seth Rollins Shares Health Update Regarding Ongoing Condition

During the recent episode of WWE Raw on August 14, a moment between Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura unveiled an unsettling revelation. Nakamura’s whispered words visibly disturbed WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, prompting speculation. The following week, Nakamura clarified that he had whispered, “I know about your back,” to Rollins. Nakamura further elucidated that he was aware of the champion’s longstanding struggles with injuries, implying his intent to exploit Rollins’ vulnerabilities.

As the show progressed, Rollins addressed Nakamura’s comments. He candidly disclosed that he is currently contending with two fractures in his lumbar spine. Remarkably, Rollins admitted to enduring this injury for over four years, highlighting that instead of improving, the condition has deteriorated over time. Uncertainty clouds the horizon as Rollins expressed uncertainty about the injury’s eventual outcome and the duration of his ability to maintain his current level of performance. Notwithstanding the challenges, Rollins acknowledged that such injuries are inherent in the profession. Boldly, he challenged Nakamura to a direct confrontation slated for the following week.

In a July appearance on Impaulsive, Rollins openly acknowledged the possibility of undergoing surgery for his back ailment. Despite this, he has been actively seeking alternatives to surgery to alleviate his condition.

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