Tony Khan Says He Won’t Be The One To Bring An End To Sting’s Career

Sting joined AEW during AEW Winter Is Coming 2020, swiftly forming an alliance with Darby Allin. He returned to the ring for the first time since 2015 with a cinematic match at AEW Revolution 2021, followed by a proper in-ring appearance at AEW Double or Nothing 2021.

Despite his age of 64, Sting maintains an undefeated record in AEW and consistently delivers well-received performances. When asked during the AEW All In media call, Tony Khan addressed the possibility of discussions about extending Sting’s tenure beyond his current contract, which is set to expire this year.

“Sting is very well aware that I would like him to stay as long as he feels physically up to wrestling. I think he enjoys doing it and he’s having a lot of fun. Sometimes you hit on things in life that you think are going to be good and they turn out to be great. For me, a good example of that is Sting and Darby together. Not just on screen, but off-screen too,”

“There have been so many great memories for Sting in AEW. I don’t want it to end. I won’t be the one to pull the plug on it. When the time comes, Sting knows he needs to the one to say, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ because I’m going to let him go as long as he wants. I want him to stay as long as he can. It’s so important to me that we let Sting finish his career the right way.”

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