Ava Loses Debut NXT Television Match

Ava made her mark during her inaugural televised singles bout at NXT Heatwave, facing off against Ivy Nile, although her efforts culminated in defeat.

Throughout the brief match, Ava displayed commanding dominance. However, as she lifted Nile in preparation for a shoulder breaker, Nile managed to wriggle free, securing the Dragon Sleeper hold and clinching the victory.

Post-match, the members of Schism, along with their devoted followers, congregated on the apron as Ivy menacingly poised to ensnare Ava in another Dragon Sleeper. Before this could happen, two masked individuals, purported followers of Schism, rescued Ava by extracting her from the ring.

Later that evening, Ava challenged Ivy Nile to rendezvous under Schism’s emblematic tree. Responding to the challenge, Nile arrived, only for the two men who had earlier aided Ava to reveal themselves as Julius and Brutus Creed.

Subsequently, Ivy Nile launched an assault on Ava, while The Creed Brothers issued a challenge to The Dyad’s Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler for a Steel Cage Match scheduled for August 29. Should they emerge victorious, The Creeds stipulate their reinstatement within NXT.

Despite her setback in her televised singles debut, Ava, also recognized as Simone Johnson and the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, secured a triumph in her actual singles debut against Ivy Nile during a recent NXT house show in Tampa.

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