Rey Mysterio Injury Update

The encounter between LWO associates Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar during the July 28 installment of WWE SmackDown took an unexpected turn. The bout concluded prematurely due to a judgment that Mysterio, displaying signs of injury, was unfit to continue competing.

In the aftermath, Escobar disclosed that the masked wrestler encountered a minor concussion during the match, validating earlier reports. During an interview with Steve Fall (for, Escobar shared:

“The show that you got is the show that it was gonna be. I believe that it is important to present a good show and I believe that was the case that night. Rey and I went hard at it. That’s what we agreed upon. We have a very long relationship. You know, we have a bond. And when you have that, you go hard. That’s what happens when you go hard. I’m just glad that he had a small mild concussion. But he came back hard. And then well, you know what happened a couple of weeks after the fact”.

Photo Credit: WWE

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