AEW Have Ordered Jack Perry To Leave Wembley Stadium After CM Punk Incident

An incident unfolded backstage at AEW All In involving CM Punk and Jack Perry. Although specific details remain scarce, preliminary reports indicate that a confrontation occurred between Jack Perry and CM Punk shortly before Punk’s appearance in the ring for his AEW All In match. Perry’s preceding segment featured him interacting with a car window prop, during which he taunted, “it’s real glass, cry me a river.” This comment was aimed at Punk and referred to a prior clash that took place at an AEW Collision taping over the Summer. The earlier disagreement stemmed from Perry’s insistence on incorporating genuine glass into a segment on the show. Sources suggest that Perry was displeased with how individuals close to Punk had portrayed the situation to the public.

We have received insight from at least one perspective on the matter. According to this account, Jack Perry allegedly approached CM Punk backstage and confronted him by getting in his face and physically bumping into him. In response, Punk reportedly pushed Perry. The situation purportedly escalated as Perry advanced toward Punk and ended up being restrained in a choking manner. Specific details about the nature of the choke and the intervention are still unclear. It’s essential to note that this account represents only one side of the story, and further details are expected to surface.

As per PWInsider’s report, Jack Perry was reportedly sent home following the incident, while CM Punk remains present at Wembley. Efforts have been made to reach out to both CM Punk and Jack Perry for their individual perspectives on the matter.

Addressing a misconception related to their prior dispute and Perry’s alleged reluctance to work the following week, sources clarify that Perry had a pre-planned and approved vacation during that time.

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