BREAKING NEWS: A Major Physical Incident Involving CM Punk Has Taken Place Backstage At All In

A backstage altercation involving CM Punk took place during the AEW All In event at London’s Wembley Stadium. Prior to the main pay-per-view, the pre-show spotlighted a match between HOOK and Jack Perry for the FTW Championship.

Within the context of this match, Perry alluded to a past incident involving him and CM Punk. This prior encounter revolved around Perry’s desire to utilize real glass for a glass-smashing segment, an idea which Punk opposed. During Perry’s bout against HOOK on the current occasion, Perry forcefully slammed HOOK onto a car windscreen, directing a message at the camera by saying, “Real glass. Go cry me a river.”

Although it’s yet to be officially confirmed if this episode was connected, reports indicate that there was a backstage confrontation between the two individuals after Perry’s match and before Punk’s match. This information comes from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, who detailed the incident occurring in the interlude between Perry’s match and Punk’s match, which was the opening contest of the main pay-per-view.

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