Another AEW Star Has Backstage Heat After Missing All In

Reports suggest that a situation tied to AEW All In at London’s Wembley Stadium generated friction involving a specific AEW talent.

In the days immediately preceding the event, modifications were introduced to the match card. Notably, Darby Allin & Sting vs Swerve Strickland & AR Fox was reconfigured into Darby Allin & Sting vs Swerve Strickland & Christian Cage.

The on-screen portrayal, featuring Swerve expelling Fox from the Mogul Embassy and Allin extending clemency to Fox for actions taken against Nick Wayne, appeared markedly incongruous.

Fightful Select has corroborated that Fox’s absence from All In wasn’t originally part of the plan. The circumstances leading to his removal from both the match and the event reportedly resulted in negative sentiment directed towards Fox.

The Wrestling Observer alluded to a possible travel-related issue for Fox’s journey to the UK. However, detailed specifics regarding the situation have not been disclosed.

Nonetheless, during the recent coffin match, Allin and Sting triumphed over Swerve and Cage. Allin and Sting made their entrance to the sounds of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy.”

Photo Credit: AEW

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