Former WWE Star Announces Retirement From Wrestling

The world of professional wrestling offers diverse career trajectories, with some wrestlers achieving long-term success and others not making it to major promotions. Over the past two decades, Gunner, also known as Jaxson Ryker, has navigated his way through significant wrestling platforms, including WWE and TNA Wrestling.

Ryker initially made his mark in TNA, experiencing a successful tenure before venturing into WWE in 2017. His WWE journey began with NXT, where he formed The Forgotten Sons alongside Westin Blake and Steve Maclin. Their ascent to the main roster occurred in 2020.

However, Ryker’s path took an unexpected turn when he tweeted support for Donald Trump during the protests following George Floyd’s tragic death. This action led to his group’s removal from television and backstage backlash due to his comments concerning the Black Lives Matter movement. He later clarified his stance on the movement. In October 2021, WWE released Ryker, along with other wrestlers from the company.

Earlier this month, Ryker disclosed that he would conclude his wrestling career with a final match in his home state of North Carolina on August 27th, feeling that the time had come for him to step away.

Ryker followed through on his decision, triumphing over George South in his farewell match. After the contest, he symbolically left his boots in the ring, marking the end of his wrestling journey.

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