NOAH: “N-1 Victory 2023” Night 8 Full Results

Night 8 we are in Kawasaki for the final night of Block action. A Block pretty much was a shootout between Jake Lee and Kenoh while in the B block, it is still up for grabs as 2 wrestlers are at 7 points and 3 at 8 points but one of them Lance Anoa’i is at 8 but already out of the running due to him getting a forfeit win due to Daiki Inaba’s forfeit meaning he already has completed all of his matches thus, he eliminated already.

One of the first key matches of the B Block saw Manabu Soya defeat GHC National Champion El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. via a jumping DDT. This meant that Soya keeps himself in contention to win the B lock pending other results, while this also meant El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. is eliminated. Go Shiozaki defeated tag partner Katsuhiko Nakajima via Strong Arm Lariat. This like the Soya’s match resulted in Shiozaki staying alive and eliminating Nakajima. Due to both Shiozaki and Soya being tied as they went to a draw in their block match, they would face each other in a tie breaker match to see who would win the block after the advertised main event.

In what was set to be the main event Kenoh would face GHC Heavyweight Champion Jake Lee who has yet to suffer defeat in this tournament where as this match was a must win for Kenoh, Lee could head to the finals with a draw. In the end, it was Kenoh getting the win defeating Jake Lee via honorin. This meant Kenoh would end up watching the tiebreaker match closley as he has won the A block and advances to the finals. Tiebreaker time and it’s all to play for, who would join Kenoh in the finals by winning the B block it was Go Shiozaki vs. Manabu Soya. The match was once again hard hitting and like there block match earlier in the tournament they gave everything. This time though we have ended up with a winner as it was Go Shiozaki who gets the win via the Strong Arm Lariat over Manbu Soya to win the B block thus, the N-1 Victory 2023 Final is set, it will be Kenoh vs. Go Shiozaki.

Find the full results of Night 8 and updated standings below:

N-1 Victory Night 8 Full Results:

*B Block Tie Breaker match: Go Shiozaki defeats Manabu Soya
A Block: Kenoh defeats Jake Lee
B Block: Go Shiozaki defeats Katsuhiko Nakajima
B Block: Manabu Soya defeats Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr.
Kaito Kiyomiya, Kazuyuki Fujita, Lance Anoa’i, HAYATA & Eita defeated Naomichi Marufuji, Masato Tanaka, Stallion Rogers, Alejandro & Junta Miyawaki
Chris Ridgeway, Daga & Yoshinari Ogawa defeat Atsushi Kotoge, Hi69 & Kai Fujimura
A Block: Jack Morrisdefeats Adam Brooks
A Block: Timothy Thatcher defeats Masa Kitamiya
A Block: Yuki Yoshioka defeats Yoshiki Inamura
B Block: Saxon Huxley defeats Yuma Anzai
Anthony Greene, YO-HEY & Tadasuke defeat Shuji Kondo, Hajime Ohara & Seiki Yoshioka

Here’s a look at the N-1 Final standings after Night 8:

A Block:

Kenoh (5-2): 10 Points – A Block Winner
Jake Lee (4-1-2): 10 Points
Jack Morris (4-2-1): 9 Points
Yoshioka (4-3): 8 Points
Timothy Thatcher (4-3): 8 Points
Masa Kitamiya (3-3-1): 7 Points
Adam Brooks (2-5): 4 Points
Yoshiki Inamura (0-7): 0 Points

B Block:

*Daiki Inaba had to forfeit his last 3 matches the standings will reflect this

Go Shiozaki (4-2-1): 9 Points – B Block Winner (defeated Manabu Soya in a tiebreaker)
Manabu Soya (4-2-1): 9 Points
EL Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr (4-3): 8 Points
Katsuhiko Nakajima (4-3): 8 Points
Lance Anoa’i (4-3): 8 Points
Saxon Huxley (3-4): 6 Points
Yuma Anzai (2-5): 4 Points
*Daiki Inaba (2-5): 4 Points

N-1 Victory 2023 Final: A block Winner Kenoh vs. B block Winner Go Shiozaki

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