Tony Khan Affirms He Would Have Paid Adam Cole Every Penny, Regardless of Wrestling Return

Tony Khan has emphasized his commitment to Adam Cole by expressing that he would have honored Cole’s entire contract, irrespective of his ability to wrestle again. After joining AEW at All Out 2021, the former NXT Champion quickly ascended to become one of the organization’s prominent figures. However, two concussions suffered in the summer of 2022 raised concerns about his wrestling future, leaving uncertainty around his return to the ring. Khan himself made his AEW return in January 2023 and participated in his first match back in March of the same year.

Since then, Cole has reclaimed his stature as a key figure within AEW and was featured as the main event of AEW All In, where he vied for the AEW World Championship against MJF, albeit unsuccessfully.

During the media scrum following AEW All In, MJF applauded Cole’s resilience in making a comeback from a challenging injury. Khan went on to affirm that Cole’s return was fueled by his passion for the sport. Khan made it explicitly clear that even if circumstances had prevented Cole from stepping back into the ring, he would have ensured Cole received his full contractual compensation.

“You came back purely for the love of the game. I think it’s fair to say this wasn’t money motivated or greed motivated. If you don’t mind me saying, I would have paid you every fucking dime, even if you never stepped in the ring again. That’s what I told you. I wanted you to feel no pressure to step into the ring and put your safety at stake. I wanted you to know that you were getting every fucking dime of that contract. You came back because you love pro wrestling and you wanted to be here. That’s what makes this so special. Thank you,”

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