Tony Khan Defends Only Booking One Women’s Match For AEW All In

Tony Khan has addressed criticisms regarding the presence of only one women’s match on the AEW All In card at London’s Wembley Stadium. The event featured a total of 11 matches, with 10 being men’s matches and just one being a women’s match. Notably, the women’s match was the briefest among the main card bouts, only exceeding the runtime of the two pre-show matches by a mere 30 seconds and one minute, respectively.

Despite this, the solitary women’s match resulted in a title change as Saraya secured the AEW Women’s World Championship in a four-way contest against Toni Storm, Britt Baker, and reigning champion Hikaru Shida.

During a post-show media scrum, Khan responded to questions about the underrepresentation of women’s matches on the card:

“A lot of the card tonight was featuring as many of the top stars in AEW as I could get, so a lot of the biggest stars in the company were not on this show, and that’s why we have big matches like Miro vs Powerhouse Hobbs, and obviously Ruby Soho vs Kris Statlander next week.

“I think the pacing of the show tonight was probably the best we’ve ever had, the best show we’ve ever done. So to add more I think would have been challenging.

“But also, we have so many great stars across both the men’s and women’s divisions, great wrestlers.

“I think the card in many ways was… I tried to pace it perfectly, and I think we did pretty great.

“One thing I would note, and you said it yourself, a lot of the card was paying homage to the original All In. The four-way match, Dr Britt Baker participated on the original All In and that was the key women’s match on the original show, and Madison Rayne pointed that out in her commentary as well, that she was also in that original four-way, and Dr Britt Baker participated.

“I had the Golden Elite in a trios match, kind of a callback to the original All In, and definitely, there were a lot of top stars, men and women, I was hoping to get on tonight’s card, and there were a lot of people that wanted to be on the show and I hope we can continue to get all the top stars in, but also, I wanna pace the shows and be able to have great matches without having to rush through.

“So I was really excited about the card and also very happy for Saraya, I thought it was a great moment, and I would love to try and get some of those top stars on All Out, and also next year’s All In.”

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