Update On Mercedes Moné’s Status With AEW

During the media scrum following AEW All In, the new AEW Women’s World Champion, Saraya, addressed the presence of Mercedes Moné. Moné was visibly featured on camera with an official nameplate, sparking discussions about a potential collaboration between Mercedes Moné and AEW.

Tony Khan, offering insights on Moné’s appearance as a spectator during the pay-per-view event, stated:

“She’s not cleared, Mercedes Mone.

“I think it was great to have her here, she last competed for New Japan Pro-Wrestling so I thought it would be excellent to have one of the top international stars in all of pro-wrestling here, and the last time we saw Mercedes Mone compete, she was actually competing against our own Willow Nightingale.

“There’s a lot of exciting international pro-wrestling and I thought it would be great to have her here to see all the matches, including the AEW Women’s World Championship.

“But she’s not cleared since her injury. I just thought it’d be good to have her take in the show. 

“Definitely a lot of potential things could happen there, and I know New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s had great experiences working with her, and I thought it would be great, given that she’s not cleared, but wanted to take in the biggest paid pro-wrestling crowd of all time and see what AEW’s all about. I thought it would be good for her to be here.

“But obviously she’s not wrestling or cleared or doing anything anytime soon, but great to have the top international stars at a top international show.”

Photo Credit: AEW

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