REPORT: CM Punk & Miro Had A Backstage Altercation At All In

In the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez provided further insights into the events that transpired on Sunday evening during AEW All In, involving CM Punk, Jack Perry, and other individuals.

Alvarez highlighted that Miro expressed skepticism about the narrative that Perry was the instigator of the altercation with Punk. Notably, Miro shared an image of a taxi cab on social media today, a post that some observers have interpreted as a veiled reference aimed at Punk. For a glimpse of the tweets from Miro, scroll down below.

“Apparently, there was another near incident when CM Punk and I heard this from multiple people again. When CM Punk came through the curtain, Miro starts coming up and he’s like ‘what happened with Jack Perry?’ CM Punk is like ‘oh so now you got a problem with me now?’ So they get into an argument and basically it’s like, ‘you wanna step outside?’ I don’t know what happened but I do know they didn’t step outside and CM Punk ended up back in the trainer’s room. But apparently, there was an issue with Miro and CM Punk and that’s why Miro has been all over Twitter the last couple of days…”

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