The Miz Mocks LA Knight On Raw

The Miz continues to expertly play mind games with LA Knight.
On the August 28 episode of WWE Raw, Miz employed one of his classic tactics by dressing up as Knight and even using Knight’s distinctive entrance music.

Miz kept up his portrayal of Knight until he decided to stop, momentarily luring fans with the promise of free t-shirts. However, he swiftly shifted his tone, chastising those very fans for applauding even the most basic of things.

Fans may recall Miz’s past impersonations, such as when he mimicked The Rock back in 2011, appearing in Rock’s iconic t-shirt and sporting a bald cap. Additionally, Miz took on the persona of John Cena during their feud in 2017.

The stage is set for a one-on-one showdown between Knight and The Miz at the upcoming Payback premium live event.

Photo Credit: WWE

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