REPORT: WWE Secretly Re-Signed Two Former Stars Several Months Ago

According to a report from Fightful Select, WWE’s interest in Akam and Rezar, collectively known as the Authors of Pain, dates back several months. However, it appears there might be more to this story than initially believed.

Sources informed Fightful that, contrary to our previous report, AOP (Authors of Pain or Legion of Pain) have been under WWE contract since 2022, although this information hasn’t been officially confirmed. The contract was reportedly established “before Vince McMahon’s return, as his return led to a pause in signings except for new recruits.” Despite this pause, some signings have occurred in recent months.

Interestingly, AOP was included on an internal travel list in May. It’s worth noting that AOP hasn’t competed in any matches since their release in 2020, and plans for WES shows in Europe during 2022 were unsuccessful. Our sources indicated that AOP ensured the involvement of Paul Ellering in their negotiations.

PWInsider indicated that there has been discussion about potentially utilizing them. Upon reaching out to AOP and WWE for direct comments, we did not receive a response. (Source: Fightful Select)

Photo Credit: WWE

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