Saki Akai makes History with championship win

Saki Akai is one third of DDT Pro’s KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champions as the part of the team known as Eruption along side Yukio Sakaguchi & Hideki Okatani. They became the new AJPW TV 6-Man Tag Team Champions at All Japan Pro Wrestling “Summer Action Series 2023 – Royal Road Tournament 10th” in Nagoya. They defeated All Japan’s ATM, Takao Omori & Black Menso~re in a Double Title Match. It was Saki Akai who got the win for her team by getting the pin on ATM (8:51) following the Good Rookie Award (2-Stage face kick) to claim the victory thus, winning some more gold.

Following the match, Menso~re who got pinned stated that Eruption was the stronger team on the day and gave the credit to the Saki Akai as the difference maker. He also asked for a rematch with Takao and Sendai Girl’s DASH Chisako for September 3 in Nagaoka. The new champion Eruption agreed and accepted the challenge.

The History comes with Saki Akai winning championship gold, meaning that she becomes the first ever female wrestler to gain an official AJPW championship. Just a reminder that despite winning today, DDT’s Saki Akai who is currently 36 years old is set to retire from active in ring competition in November so this is all part of her pre-retirement run. By the looks of it she plans on going out on top.

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