Update On Jack Perry’s Status For AEW Dynamite Tonight

The current status of Jack Perry for tonight’s installment of AEW Dynamite has emerged subsequent to his backstage clash with CM Punk. Both Punk and Perry were suspended following an altercation that unfolded backstage at All In within London’s Wembley Stadium.

The root of the issue appears to trace back to a scenario several weeks ago when Perry aimed to employ real glass for a segment requiring shattered glass, a decision that Punk advised against. During the All In event, Perry engaged in a match against HOOK, executing a slam onto a car windshield before addressing the camera with the words, “Real glass. Go cry me a river.” Subsequently, CM Punk faced off against Samoa Joe in a match, during which Perry and Punk reportedly encountered each other backstage just before Punk’s entrance.

Regarding the instigator and the ‘blame’ for the incident, it hinges on the perspective of the source, and it’s best not to delve further into this aspect. Several things that appear to be widely agreed upon include Punk at one point placing Perry in a chokehold (some view this as Punk’s attempt to defuse the situation), Perry being instructed to leave the venue immediately after the altercation, and Punk remaining for a period before departing later.

During the post-event media session, Tony Khan refrained from mentioning names but confirmed the existence of a backstage “incident.”

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