Latest On Footage Of CM Punk & Jack Perry Incident At All In

According to Fightful Select, recent developments regarding CM Punk shed light on his demeanor and the ongoing investigation into the altercation with Jack Perry. CM Punk attended the Cauliflower Alley Club event this week, appearing to be in high spirits. He graciously accepted his honor and engaged in extensive photo sessions with fans and fellow wrestlers.

Before this positive event, Punk and Miro had maintained communication amid the rumors surrounding their altercation. However, it’s worth noting that AEW initiated an investigation into the incident involving CM Punk and Jack Perry in the days leading up to these recent developments. The company has reportedly been actively gathering statements and conducting interviews to ascertain the details of the incident.

Fightful’s sources have also mentioned the presence of footage capturing the incident, thanks to the numerous cameras stationed throughout Wembley Stadium. Additionally, it’s been disclosed that CM Punk had an interaction with Tony Khan, which was described as “contentious,” although specific context surrounding this encounter remains limited.

For those speculating whether this might be part of a wrestling storyline, Fightful assures that this is not a scripted work at the moment. However, it’s acknowledged that, in the world of wrestling, anything can potentially evolve into a storyline in the future.

Photo Credit: AEW

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