Becky Lynch Triumphs Over Trish Stratus in WWE Payback Cage Match

WWE Payback kicked off with a thrilling cage match that saw Becky Lynch emerge victorious against Trish Stratus.

The climax of the match was a dramatic moment where Becky executed a super Manhandle slam just as Trish Stratus attempted to escape the cage. While Zoey Stark attempted to assist Trish during the bout, Becky decisively removed her from the equation with a powerful Manhandle slam. With Zoey Stark out of the picture, Becky managed to catch up to Trish, delivering the decisive blow for the win.

After the contest, Stark attempted to offer assistance to Trish, but the disgruntled loser responded with a slap. As Trish tried to leave, Stark intercepted her and delivered a punishing Z3 maneuver, sending a clear message.

The animosity between these two competitors dates back to April when Trish Stratus turned on Becky, leading to the loss of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Stratus had been defending the titles in place of Lita, whom she also attacked. Over the past month, Stratus and Lynch clashed twice on Raw, with one match ending in disqualification due to Zoey Stark’s interference and another concluding in a double count-out, ultimately setting the stage for their cage match.

Stark’s alignment with Trish occurred at WWE Night of Champions, where she played a pivotal role in helping Trish secure a victory over Lynch.

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