LA Knight Achieves Career Milestone as John Cena Officiates Victory at WWE Payback 2023

WWE Payback 2023 had an unexpected twist as John Cena, the event’s host, took on the role of special guest referee in a showdown between The Miz and LA Knight, resulting in the most significant victory of Knight’s WWE career.

Before the bout commenced, Cena engaged in a war of words with his former rival, The Miz, setting the stage for the match. He then introduced LA Knight, and the contest got underway.

Throughout the match, tensions ran high with Cena finding himself in confrontations with both LA Knight and The Miz on multiple occasions. However, when the dust settled, it was LA Knight who sealed the victory with his devastating BFT finisher, while John Cena counted to three.

Following the match’s conclusion, John Cena displayed a moment of sportsmanship by extending a handshake to LA Knight, recognizing the significance of Knight’s triumph.

Photo Credit: WWE

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