Tony Khan Says He Feared For His Safety At AEW All In

Tony Khan has publicly discussed the release of CM Punk. AEW issued a statement on Saturday evening, officially severing ties with CM Punk.

To commence AEW Collision, Tony Khan, the President of AEW, took the opportunity to address the viewers. He expressed concerns that Punk’s actions had jeopardized the safety of innocent individuals backstage, marking the first time he felt his own security, safety, and well-being were at risk during a wrestling event in AEW. Khan emphasized that such an environment should never be tolerated, leading him to the decision to release Punk.

Khan reiterated that this decision was reached after consulting with external legal counsel and a disciplinary committee.

Before the event commenced, Khan also spoke to the live audience in Chicago, where he explained the difficult choice he had to make regarding Punk’s release. His comments mirrored those made during AEW Collision, emphasizing the safety concerns.

The crowd in Chicago responded with boos, and Khan acknowledged that their reaction was somewhat more civil than he had anticipated.

Photo Credit: AEW

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