AAA Star arrives in NOAH

On September 3, Pro Wrestling NOAH held its “N-1 Victory 2023” final show took place. The show saw GHC National Champion Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. in action. After his match he was confronted by AAA star Psycho Clown who made his intentions known as he is coming for the GHC National Championship. He then attacked and beat down the champion.

Psycho Clown defeated Wagner’s father, the great Dr. Wagner Jr. in a famous mascara vs. mascara (mask vs. mask) match at Triplemania XXV in 2017. It seems like the family rivalry will continue with the next generation as Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. will pick up where his father left off.

The match has now been set, and it will be Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. (C) vs Psycho Clown for the GHC National Championship taking place on September 24 at Pro Wrestling NOAH “GRAND SHIP 2023 in NAGOYA” from Nagoya International Conference Center, Aichi.

Author: Rohit Singh Karir

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