Gunther on the Verge of Historic Intercontinental Championship Reign

A groundbreaking moment unfolded in the main event of the September 4 edition of WWE Raw as Gunther, the reigning Intercontinental Champion, secured a pivotal victory against Gable, marking their third televised singles encounter. In a thrilling clash, Gable exhibited unwavering determination, throwing all his might into the battle. He executed impressive maneuvers, including the Chaos Theory and a relentless ankle lock, bringing him tantalizingly close to victory.

However, “The Ring General,” Gunther, proved to be an indomitable force in the closing stages of the match. He methodically ensnared Gable in a suffocating sleeper hold, seizing control. Gunther ultimately sealed the deal with a resounding powerbomb followed by a devastating lariat, securing the victory.

With this triumph, Gunther inches closer to etching his name in the annals of WWE history as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. As of this moment, he stands just four days away from surpassing the legendary reign of the Honky Tonk Man, who held the title for an impressive 454 days.

Gunther’s remarkable journey as Intercontinental Champion commenced on June 10, 2022, when he captured the title by defeating Ricochet on an episode of WWE SmackDown. Wrestling enthusiasts now eagerly await the outcome as Gunther approaches this historic milestone in the world of WWE.

Photo Credit: WWE

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