The Miz’s Bizarre Encounter with an Invisible John Cena on WWE Raw

In a surreal turn of events during the September 4 episode of WWE Raw, The Miz played host on Miz TV and announced that his guest for the evening was none other than John Cena. His intention was crystal clear – he wanted Cena to shed light on his actions during WWE Payback, where he served as the special referee for The Miz’s match against LA Knight. In a hard-fought contest, Knight emerged victorious.

As The Miz summoned Cena to the ring, an unusual situation unfolded. While no one appeared on the stage, the camera strangely tracked “Cena” making his way to the ring, perplexing both the audience and the broadcast team. It became apparent that The Miz was the sole individual who could see this enigmatic version of John Cena.

Undeterred by the bizarre circumstances, The Miz proceeded to interrogate the invisible “Cena” about his involvement in the WWE Payback match. He accused the 16-time world champion of conspiring with LA Knight, asserting that this collusion had led to his loss. Convinced of this conspiracy, The Miz didn’t hold back and shoved “Cena,” who appeared to push back in retaliation. However, the confrontation took a swift turn as The Miz executed his devastating Skull Crushing Finale, leaving “Cena” incapacitated.

Following this peculiar encounter, The Miz issued a challenge to LA Knight for a rematch, vowing that this time there would be no special referee involved. He confidently asserted that he would demonstrate who truly held the upper hand in their rivalry, setting the stage for an anticipated showdown.

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