Major Update On LA Knight Getting A New WWE Contract

A significant development has emerged regarding the future of LA Knight within WWE, amidst growing speculation of a major push for the superstar.

According to PWInsider Elite, Knight and WWE have been engaged in negotiations for a new long-term contract, which appears to be on the verge of completion or may have already been finalized.

Reports suggest that some sources indicate this deal could span up to five years in duration.
Previously, WWE was focused on ensuring that the timing was right before orchestrating a much-anticipated push for Knight.
PWInsider Elite’s report highlights that WWE has been waiting to secure Knight’s commitment to this new contract before moving forward with the rumored push.

It’s now being reported that Knight is set to be promoted as one of the primary heroic figures on SmackDown in the foreseeable future.
This development follows a previous report that internally ranks Knight as the #1 babyface on SmackDown, as noted on the internal talent board after the Payback event.

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