Another Top IMPACT Wrestling Star Is About To Become A Free Agent

As reported by Fightful Select, it has come to light that Heath Miller, better known as Heath in IMPACT Wrestling, is approaching free agency come October. At present, negotiations for a new contract with IMPACT Wrestling have not been finalized.

Heath’s wrestling journey took an interesting turn when he was released from WWE in April 2020, followed by a brief return in July of the same year. WWE presented him with a full-time contract offer, which he declined due to a significant reduction in pay compared to his previous earnings. Subsequently, he found a new home in IMPACT Wrestling, where an unfortunate early injury led to an extension of his contract.

Notably, Heath Slater was a part of the now-defunct Nexus stable, and it’s worth mentioning that there are no active members from Nexus remaining in WWE. Furthermore, he was a member of 3MB alongside Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre, both of whom would go on to achieve WWE Championship status.

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

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