REPORT: AEW Will Expand To 12 PPVs A Year In 2024

In recent years, there has been ongoing speculation surrounding the potential for AEW programming, including PPV events, to make a move to a streaming service, with MAX being the primary contender. Although plans were considered for AEW’s All In London 2023 event to be broadcast on MAX, this arrangement did not materialize. Andrew Zarian, aContinue reading “REPORT: AEW Will Expand To 12 PPVs A Year In 2024”

AEW Star Pulled From Upcoming Show

Title: AEW’s Eddie Kingston Replaced in Independent Appearance, Lance Archer Steps In AEW standout Eddie Kingston, renowned for his prowess in the wrestling world, has faced an unexpected change in his schedule. He was initially scheduled for an independent appearance this upcoming weekend, but another AEW star will now take his place. Originally, Kingston wasContinue reading “AEW Star Pulled From Upcoming Show”

More than 100 WWE Employees Get Laid Off

On September 15, WWE conducted layoffs that affected more than 100 employees across various departments. WWE President Nick Khan informed the staff via email, expressing appreciation for their contributions and offering best wishes for their future endeavors. Departments such as the Insights & Analytics team, Marketing, Graphic Design, Live Events, WWE Network, and Podcasting experiencedContinue reading “More than 100 WWE Employees Get Laid Off”

Smackdown Star Sidelined With Injury

Luke Gallows is currently sidelined. On the September 15 episode of WWE SmackDown, AJ Styles faced Finn Balor of The Judgment Day. While Balor had his stablemates Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest with him, Styles didn’t have as much backup. On commentary, Michael Cole noted that Luke Gallows, AJ Styles’ stablemate in The O.C., wasContinue reading “Smackdown Star Sidelined With Injury”

Anna Ray Talks About How Booker T’s Fantasy Camp Will Scare You Straight In The Wrestling Business

In our exclusive interview with Anna Ray, she talked about her commitment to advancing her wrestling skills through her participation in Booker T’s fantasy camp. Anna would characterize the camp as an excellent opportunity to provide aspiring individuals with a genuine glimpse into the wrestling business. However, she emphasized that the entire experience is soContinue reading “Anna Ray Talks About How Booker T’s Fantasy Camp Will Scare You Straight In The Wrestling Business”

CM Punk Makes Surprise Return to Cage Fury Fighting Championships

CM Punk has made an unexpected return to the Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC), revealing that he currently has some free time on his schedule, at least for the moment. CM Punk recently took on a new role as part of the commentary team for CFFC 125. His broadcast partner, John Morgan, shared that heContinue reading “CM Punk Makes Surprise Return to Cage Fury Fighting Championships”