Anna Ray Talks About How Booker T’s Fantasy Camp Will Scare You Straight In The Wrestling Business

In our exclusive interview with Anna Ray, she talked about her commitment to advancing her wrestling skills through her participation in Booker T’s fantasy camp.

Anna would characterize the camp as an excellent opportunity to provide aspiring individuals with a genuine glimpse into the wrestling business. However, she emphasized that the entire experience is so intense that it can be quite intimidating, almost like a stark wake-up call to the realities of the wrestling industry.

“I did go to Booker T’s fantasy camp down in Houston. So that was that was cathartic. First off, it was like Booker T, you know, can you dig that? So that was a bit insane. But also like that fantasy camp was more or less, like if you’ve ever thought you wanted to be a wrestler, but you’re not really sure of the commitment that comes with it, like spending a lot of money to go and train with like Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, some of the people who have really notable successful schools in the US anyway. “

“You know, if you’re not if you’re not sure you want to be that kind of money, but you want to know what it feels like to be in the ring. Do the wrestling workouts, feel what it’s like to be in ring shape? That’s what you need to go do. Go do Booker T span So you can’t because that’s exactly what I did. I was one of two girls there, there was another girl there she was 16 or 17, I think. And that girl is gonna make it. First off, I won’t plug her here, just in case because I don’t have her permission. But, you know, there, there was basically a lot of indie talent that came down, there’s networking opportunity and it was more or less, let’s do the wrestling workouts for three hours. And then let’s go hop in the rain for another three hours doing drills. And let’s see, by the end of it, if you still want to learn how to do lock ups, if you still want to learn how to just run the ropes or anything like that, so it was more or less kind of like a beyond scared, straight kind of thing. In terms of, you know, we’re not trying to scare you away. But this is really what it’s like to try and make it in this industry and being trained by Booker T. And all of the trained wrestlers, he has running bro down there. It’s, it was a very cathartic experience.”

‘I would 100% put my body through that again, because I drove 10 hours there, didn’t sleep at all. And then after camp drove 10 hours back to my house, and that was, that was hard. That was probably the hardest part, actually. But um, so I would definitely recommend that to anybody who’s ever wanted to”

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