Bianca Belair Reveals Reasons About Her WWE Hiatus and Its Motivations

Four-time women’s champion Bianca Belair has shed light on her current hiatus from WWE and how she’s been spending her time away from the squared circle. Bianca’s departure from television was scripted following a ‘knee injury’ angle on the August 18 episode of SmackDown, where she was attacked by Damage CTRL backstage.

This ‘injury’ has afforded Belair the opportunity to take a well-deserved break, a rarity in her busy schedule over the past two-and-a-half years. In a recent interview with Metro, Belair delved into the reasons behind this hiatus, explaining that it’s a combination of much-needed self-care and a passion project she’s been eager to pursue. Bianca Belair stated:

“Right now, it was just some self-care.

“We did some things with us personally that I’m so excited about, it has to do with the future. I’m trying to write a children’s book as well.”

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