Update On Jade Cargill’s WWE Contract & Creative Plans

The likelihood of Jade Cargill making a significant move from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) to WWE seems to be growing stronger by the day. In the latest update, it’s been revealed that Cargill’s AEW contract has run its course, and she is scheduled to visit the WWE Performance Center this week.

While there hasn’t been an official confirmation of her signing with WWE just yet, all indications are pointing in that direction. One of the intriguing aspects of her potential move to WWE is the question of what role she would assume within the company. Specifically, would she start her WWE journey in NXT or make a direct leap to the main roster?

Cargill’s level of experience typically aligns with a stint in NXT, but her undeniable star presence and distinctive appearance could make her an exception that WWE might want to capitalize on immediately.

Discussing insights he’s gathered about Cargill’s plans and the offer she received, Dave Meltzer shared on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“They’ve already started working on creative for her. I heard that yesterday when I was asking around about, ‘Is she locked in’? And she wasn’t locked in, but they’ve been talking about her a lot.

“It’s not like this is just some minor thing to them, it’s a big thing to them.

“She’ll get a focal push, because the money to take to get her, you have to give her a chance to get over because they’re not paying what they would pay a normal person to start there.

“It’s not like it’s Charlotte Flair money or anything like that, or Becky Lynch money, but for a newcomer to the company, it’s much higher than they usually go, so she got a good deal.

“And they’re talking about her a lot more than they would talk about somebody that they brought up from NXT. So she ain’t gonna be Tegan Nox or somebody who’s brought up, or Candice LeRae, that’s just kind of brought up and there.

“I got the impression it was main roster just because of the expense of bringing her in. They could put her in NXT for a little while before bringing her to the main roster. In a sense that would make sense, but then you’ve gotta justify the money.

“I could see them putting her in NXT for a short period of time, but my impression is the creative they were talking about was not NXT creative, so they have plans for her.”

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