GUNTHER‘S Next Opponent Revealed

Following his victory over Giovanni Vinci of Imperium, Tommaso Ciampa is now eyeing WWE’s Intercontinental Championship held by GUNTHER.

Ciampa clashed with Vinci during the September 18 episode of WWE Raw, securing a win that left GUNTHER and Ludwig Kaiser far from pleased.

You can catch the highlights from this match in the video below this article, along with the reaction from GUNTHER and Kaiser.

In the aftermath of the contest, WWE released a Digital Exclusive featuring Ciampa expressing his intentions:

“Listen, tonight we got the job done, but the job’s not them.

“I made it clear that Imperium did not choose me, I chose Imperium.

“The truth is, I chose GUNTHER.  If I gotta go through Giovanni and Ludwig to get to GUNTHER, we’re gonna get to the final boss.

“We’re gonna get to the Intercontinental Title. Let me tell you something about the Intercontinental Title, what that means to me.

“This business did not choose me, I chose this business from a very, very young age.

“This is my first love and I’m twenty years deep and I think about what got that love sparked.

“It’s Bret Hart, it’s Rowdy Piper, it’s Mr. Perfect, it’s the British Bulldog. It’s the Intercontinental title. It’s the workhorse title

“Because that title was built for guys like me. And, now look what GUNTHER’s done.  You’ve surpassed them all.

“You are the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time… for now.

“Because, soon, the dragon will be slayed and I will be the dragon slayer.

“GUNTHER, we’re going to step in that ring together whether you like it or not.

“We’re going to lock eyes and I’m going to see that doubt creep in, that doubt that hasn’t crept in for the past year because you know something that I know.

“Tommaso Ciampa is a better professional wrestler than GUNTHER on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, on Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday, on Monday again.

“Your time’s coming… And New…”

H/T WrestleTalk Photo Credit: WWE

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