Vince McMahon Claims WWE Had Plateaued Before UFC Merger

WWE conducted an important employee meeting on September 19, focusing on the team members who remained following the workforce reductions that occurred on September 15.

During the meeting, WWE’s top executives, including Nick Khan, Vince McMahon, and Ari Emanuel, addressed the staff. Vince McMahon, in particular, referred to Ari Emanuel as “his boss” and acknowledged that the company had faced stagnation. The partnership with Endeavor and the merger with UFC to establish TKO were undertaken to propel the company to new heights.

Ari Emanuel also shared insights during the meeting, mentioning that he had sought advice from Vince in the past. Additionally, he mentioned that his daughter, Ashlee, is also part of the WWE workforce. Notably, Ashlee has been associated with WWE since before the merger, according to reports from PWInsider.

Photo Credit: TKO

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