WWE Holds Mandatory Staff Meeting Today

Following the merger of WWE and UFC under the banner of TKO Holdings Group, WWE implemented employee cuts on Friday, with all staff working remotely. These cuts had been anticipated for several months, as it made sense to consolidate departments already in place in both companies to enhance cost-efficiency. However, these changes have had an adverse impact on company morale.

WWE President Nick Khan convened a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, which took place this morning and included Khan, Vince McMahon, and Endeavor head Ari Emanuel. As reported by Pwinsider, all three executives were present and addressed the meeting, which lasted approximately 12-15 minutes. The meeting was described as a “rah-rah” gathering.

During the session, they assured employees that WWE’s future and prospects are promising. The executives spoke highly of each other and emphasized the successful merger between TKO and WWE as a whole.

Photo Credit: WWE

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